Mani M.D.

Mani M.D. Medical Grade Skin Care

A medically formulated line of products designed to target specific concerns.

Mani M.D. ProductsThe Mani M.D. product line includes both prescription and non-prescription skin care. Each product was hand chosen by our doctors in order to achieve visible results for your skin concerns. These products are results oriented with strong concentrations of active ingredients. Whether you are treating a condition, or seeking age protection for your skin, we highly recommend the Mani M.D. line as a part of your skin care regimen.

The Mani M.D. line also features a hair restoration system which includes a clinical shampoo, conditioner, and peptide growth serum. Together they help restore hair lost due to DHT sensitivity. DHT, which is dihydrotestosterone, is the male hormone responsible for hair thinning and loss. Using a biomimetic peptide complex and an extract from red clover called Biochanin, this systems efficacy has been tried, tested, and proven to stimulate the regrowth of hair that has been lost.