Dermal Filler and Injectable Consultation

Dermal Filler and Injectable Consultation

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Initial Consultation for Dermal Fillers and Injectables.



Our office offers multiple options for treating wrinkles and facial volume loss using injectables and dermal fillers.


Discover an innovation in safe, enduring, wrinkle correction! Dr. Mani is a BellaDiamond provider for Bellafill. As a regional training physician, her extensive experience ensures safe and effective results.

Learn more about Bellafill®



Dr. Mani is a top Sculptra injector in San Diego County and is an official National Training Physician for Sculptra. A favorite among our patients, Sculptra creates a facial lift by causing your skin to produce more of its own collagen…

Learn more about Sculptra®



New! We now offer Juvederm Ultra XC® and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® – with comfort-enhancing lidocaine. Juvederm® is now possibly the most popular all around dermal filler.

Learn more about Juvéderm®



The original hyaluronic gel dermal filler. Restylane is a safe, smooth and skin-compatible hyaluronic acid gel dermal filler for wrinkles, folds, lips and under eye hollows.

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Dr. Mani is a specially selected Radiesse Training Physician for Bioform Medical, makers of this novel long-term filler product. Medical Education Faculty Members are designated for their exceptional ability and proven techniques.

Learn more about RADIESSE®


Belotero Balance®

Fine lines and superficial wrinkles have been a challenge to doctors for some time. Belotero offers a long lasting replacement solution to the previous fine-line collagens that we loved but are no longer available.

Learn more about Belotero Balance®


BOTOX® Cosmetic

Enjoy one of the least costly facial aesthetic procedures — with no downtime. Your quick and simple treatment provides dramatic wrinkle reduction results. See your frown and worry lines, lip wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear.

Learn more about BOTOX®



Dysport is an injectable chemical muscle relaxant which works almost identically as BOTOX. In our first uses at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we’ve found Dysport to be a faster-acting product.

Learn more about Dysport®



Xeomin is the newest “frown fixer” available to patients across the country. Pronounced zee-oh-min, the new tox product acts like its predecessors Botox and Dysport in reducing or preventing contractions of the glabellar muscle between the eyes.

Learn more about Xeomin®


Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkles come in two different types – Static and Dynamic. Static wrinkles occur from collagen breakdown due to aging and sun exposure and are present when your face is immobile.

Learn more about Wrinkle Relaxers


Liquid Lift

Liquid Face Lift products and procedures may be used to accomplish a number of objectives when it comes to facial contouring and lifting.

Learn more about Liquid Lift


Juvéderm Voluma®

Juvéderm Voluma is one of the newest hyaluronic gels on the US market. Unlike previous HA gels, which were designed to fill folds and lines, the Voluma formulation is FDA approved for the mid-face.

Learn more about Juvéderm Voluma®



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Treatment TypeFiller, Injectables
Treatment Problem or ConditionFacial Volume Loss, Fine Lines, Wrinkles
Skin TypeN/A

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